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Fused Glass

Just bought my first glass kiln (Jan 2022) and a few ebooks to learn how to create flowers and landscapes using frit powders.  I have a lot to learn but already I am in love with this new art medium!

Pieces created following instructions in the Botanical ebook!

Wood Violets.heic

My first pieces done on my own!

Poppy Field, sm.jpg

Sandhill Crane Series

Crane, Walking, sm_edited.jpg

These pieces were 'painted' on a sheet of white glass using powdered glass mixed with lavender oil.

Crane, Flying, sm.jpg
Crane, Dancing, sm.jpg
Hazelnut Tree_MG_3156.jpg

Stained Glass

Hazelnut Tree I made for my sister and her husband to hang in their kitchen window.  They have a hazelnut farm in Newberg Oregon.


Kaleidoscope.  I have played golf most of my life so sometimes I like to weave golf themes into my art.


I entered this kaleidoscope

in the 2019 Riverside County

Fair and was so excited to win

'Best of Division' in stained glass.

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