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I started my journey with watercolors in the fall of 2019 after retiring from a career in health care. I've been taking classes from incredibly skilled artists such as Winnie Givot and Nathan Seay. I also learn so much every day from my classmates and watercolor artist friends.  I'm so fortunate to have this time to immerse myself in the arts, meet amazing people and share my creations.

Facing Change with Courage, CA6A6199.jpg


Facing Change with Courage

11" x 15"

My daughter Mary was the inspiration for this first watercolor.  That's her profile!  I tried doing a multiple exposure in the camera but couldn't quite get it right so decided to paint what I wanted with watercolors.  My husband and I drove out to Clear Lake last fall to find these colorful fall leaves.

Received the "Award of Distinction"

in the 2020 Watercolor Society of Oregon

(WSO) Spring Watercolor Show.

         Received the "People's Choice Award" from                     Oregon Society of Artists (OSA) in the 2021                    Spring Water Media Juried Show.

People's Choice Award ribbon, CA6A8475.jpg
OR Lighthouses, CA6A6200_edited.jpg

Oregon Lighthouses,    11" x 27"

Over the years and many trips with my husband up and down the Oregon coast to find the lighthouses has resulted in my second watercolor.  Initially I wanted to put all nine lighthouses on one sheet but there just wasn't enough room to do any of them justice.  So these five lighthouses made the cut.    

This painting was juried into the 2021 Spring Watercolor Society of Oregon Show.

Screenshot 2024-02-10 at 7.23.24 AM.png


10" x 20"

This Iris, located in our garden, is about ready to bloom. 

This painting was juried into the 2024 Spring Watercolor Society of Oregon Show.

Fall Reflection, CA6A8470.jpg

Fall Reflection

8.5" round

Twirling Leaves

8.5" round

Twirling Leaves, CA6A8471.jpg

Balcomie Links

5" x 12"

Played Balcomie Links during our trip to Scotland.  Just finished this small watercolor to practice painting ocean, sky and putting green.   



8" x 11"

I Have My Back

14" x 20"

Found this Great Horned Owlet (6 mo old) in the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge.  He is looking over his back.  Decided to paint him in the silhouette of a tree.

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